Torremolinos launches a plan to clean up the municipal coffers and reduce unaccounted debt

The April plenary session of the City Council of Torremolinos (Málaga) has approved this Thursday, with the votes in favor of PSOE and Citizens, and the abstention of PP, CSSP, IU and non-attached councilor, an economic-financial plan for the years 2017 and 2018, that allow to clean up the municipal coffers and reduce the debt not accounted for by the previous government team, which amounts to 87 and a half million euros and a total sum of 200 million.

Thus, “is fulfilled” with the law of budgetary stability and financial sustainability, recognizing said debt in successive years to be able to proceed with the payment of the same and “return to the path of budgetary stability”, has assured the spokeswoman of the government team , Maribel Tocón, during her presentation in plenary session.

Tocon has insisted that “it is a mortgage that the PP has left us, which generated more and more debt and did not reflect it in public accounts, using everyone’s money in illegal subsidies,” he said.

“We have to approve a plan of economic-financial measures because, for years, a series of millionaire expenses derived from breaches with the Social Security, with the City of Malaga, as well as other payment of judgments among which highlights the recognized with Building and Contracts Development, among others, “he said.

He insisted that this is “debt that was generated by the management of the PP and that was explicitly hidden and not recognized this party.”

At the time, has indicated that this “does not meet the objective of stability, so the law requires economic measures to be taken to remedy this instability generated by this debt, which has appropriation in the budgets of the year 2017 – which are expected to be approved in the coming weeks – and 2018. “

Thus, the spokesman of the government team has appealed again “to the sense of responsibility of the spokespersons who supported the change to invite them to reflect on the fact that the illegal budgets of the PP cannot be the letter of presentation of this City Council to the citizenship”.

Among the measures that it raises, this plan indicates the control of the expense with measures like eliminating the improper competitions of the City council or that the expense is managed and supervised by Intervention. It also aims to encourage income through measures such as enhancing tax inspection or sponsoring events.

As measures of organizational rationalization

the plan includes the integration of Samset in the City Council, as well as the merger of Aselimsa by Litosa because of its similarity to its corporate purpose, which will allow it to “thin the structure costs”. “All these measures estimate a sufficient saving like to clean up the instability generated by the debt not consigned, in the term of two years according to the estimations”, has continued the mayor of Finance.

It has also been approved, with the abstention of the PP, the opinion in relation to the procedure of lesividad against certain acts and agreements granting subsidies of the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE), after the report of the municipal secretary who revealed that this aid ” since 2007 they were granted irregularly, for infraction of the legal system “.

So the document declares these subsidies harmful to the interests of the City, which has been an economic loss of 702,408 euros for the municipal coffers. Likewise, it indicates that the return of these grants from 2007 to 2013 has expired, for which said refund does not come from the beneficiary companies.

The mayor has said that “in their eagerness to hide them, the PP did not even reflect in the budgets, another reason for the budgets of the PP to stop being the letter of presentation of this council to the public.” In addition, he recalled that “they were clearly immoral, for companies ‘VIP’ of the municipality, an example of the plundering of the PP to the municipal coffers during its 20 years of government.”

In this sense, from the Consistory have indicated in a statement that Costa del Sol Yes Can have made known during the plenary that his group has put this issue in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office. “We have to go further and purge responsibilities,” said CSSP spokesman Jose Manuel Piña.

An institutional motion has also been approved unanimously in

An institutional motion has also been approved unanimously in

relation to the adoption of measures to mitigate the effects and damages caused by the strong storm on the beaches of Torremolinos. “The situation of the beaches and the establishments have affected their businesses, farms, and homes in some cases in such a serious way that a large investment is necessary to return to the original state they were only a week ago,” said the Mayor, José Ortiz.

Thus, on behalf of the entire corporation, has appealed to a meeting with the competent authorities to make an assessment of the damage caused, while urging the Government of Spain, through the Demarcation of Coasts, to the replacement of the beaches ” in the shortest possible time “; as well as the Junta de Andalucía to establish the mechanisms “of immediate financial assistance through reimbursable loans to small business owners who have been affected”- my personal recommendation.

It has also been approved the creation of a protocol for coordination and action in the face of inclement weather that encompasses the areas of Security and Civil Protection, Operational Services, Samset, Litosa, Playas; as well as the corresponding services that minimize the damage and subsequently recover the zones immediately. “

As for capital gains, a motion of Cs has been approved to demand from the central government the modification of the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land. The spokeswoman for the training has asked the Executive to estimate “the ruling of the Constitutional Court regarding the unconstitutionality of the tax”, in those cases in which the value of the land has not been increased.

The result of the matter of the previous plenary session, which debated the creation of a technical table for the elaboration of a non-sexist ordinance, after viewing the images on video, was finally approved.

The PP has presented three motions that have been approved, even achieving, have reported from the party in a statement, one of them, on safeguarding the recovery of the beaches in the event of a catastrophe, has become institutional.

After the last temporary, the PP filed a motion urging urgently to establish an urgent meeting with administrations after consultation with the groups and affected to assess the damage suffered.

The second motion passed has been related to the improvements of the links of the regional network with the A-7, presented by the councilor ‘popular’ Patricia Ojeda, who has urged the Ministry of Development “to improve vertical and horizontal signage, as well as establishing protection measures 

On the other hand, Encarnación Navarro has presented the motion regarding the increase of budgetary allocations in education in nursery schools, which has enjoyed the support of all parties, with the exception of PSOE – which has abstained like Citizens – -, since it proposed an amendment “that contradicted the purpose of said motion”.

With this motion, the PP proposes to urge the Board to increase the budgetary allocations in the Education of Infant Schools from 3.7 to 12 percent and that this budget is not limited, have explained; urging, in addition, that “the price per month and child be fixed and not maximum to avoid price competition”.

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